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Food, war and skepticism

Inconspicuously set along busy Gurley and Broad streets in Monrovia’s Mamba Point, Mama Susu’s guard is the only thing that reveals this restaurant is not the average street stall. Inside, a spotless dining room is decorated with colorful murals, and shelves are filled with trinkets from around the globe — Chinese knotwork hangs from mini […]

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Soccer in the streets

On Saturday, I discovered the internet in my apartment, which meant catching up on all manner of boring things like bills that still demanded to be paid back in the States. As I cowered over my keyboard while being infinitely productive, the weather gave me the first dry day of the rainy season since I […]

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Liberian memories

Every place I visit makes me think of someplace else. Since arriving in Liberia, fishermen out at sea recall Madagascar. Birds flitting from a tree full of round nests remind me of South Africa. The sound of the waves on the shore recalls the Philippines. The eager friendliness of the children evokes the smiles of […]

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As rugs go by

Americans have a terrible reputation for being the loudest guests at the international party. However, I will argue that we can be polite, damn it. Sometimes to a fault. I found myself with a 16-hour layover in Casablanca, Morocco, and I was overjoyed for the opportunity to get out and explore a new country, if […]

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